Choose The Right Marijuana Strain For You


First thing before using Marijuana is receiving the medical marijuana permit. Then, the required thing to know is how to choose the right medication for you. The medical marijuana products are found in many different strains and it becomes important to choose the best strain for your marijuana experience. Make sure to buy this from the Licensed Producer Canada.

Here are the different strains for different health conditions:

Factors like air quality, sun exposure, and wind can change the potency of a growing plant of Marijuana. It needs to be grown very carefully controlled and in a monitored environment. It grows in three main strain types:

  • Indica
  • Sativa
  • A hybrid of these above two

All three type comes with different properties which makes them more effective.

  1. Indica Marijuana

For most medical marijuana professionals, indica strains are ideal to use. It provides better sleep and helps in some psychological conditions as well.  It contains less tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) than Sativa strains. It contains higher levels of myrcene which are the producer of a musky, fruity scent.

Indica strains can be used for:

  • Sleep disorders
  • Anxiety
  1. Sativa Strains

It contains higher percentages of THC which is ideal for:

  • It promotes energy and creativity
  • It relieves in chronic pain
  • It provides relief in migraines
  • It fights against the symptoms of psychological issues like depression
  • Sativa strains make it ideal for patients who need medication for work or everyday tasks.
  1. Hybrids

When a medical condition needs a mix of the properties of indicator plants and native plants, then it requires Hybrids Marijuana. Hybrid plants are produced by mating indicia plants with native plants.

So, these three are the types of marijuana. Read the properties of all three of them before going to use it. And, if you have any doubt regarding this then, make sure to consult expert or professional.