You can’t fill other lives with joy if you are an empty cup yourself


People don many roles in A lifetime; father, mother, brother, sister, manager, leader. The one thing that is common in all these roles is the ability to give more to society than what you get. It is natural to be concerned when you invest so much time, effort and money into your everyday professional and personal life. But when this concern is the only concern in your mind, it can have only two meanings; either you are insanely rich and an ascetic at the same time OR you are suffering from anxiety disorder. Let’s just stick to the second probability for now.

Anxiety- can you be more specific:

As mentioned above, anxiety disorder is an irrational worry that stems from the most regular situations in life and gives you a heartache. If you look at it from the money point of view here is a small statistic. In the UK every year, almost 09 million people are diagnosed with Anxiety disorder. Even if 40% of them are working and anxiety disorder causes a 30% reduction in their working capacity, England is incurring a loss of 1.62 million sterling pounds every year (Ouch!).

Dear Anxiety, let’s break up:

But how? Pooping antidepressants sure is a good cure.? Address the root cause, not the symptoms! In terms of anxiety disorder treatment, Sheffield city psychiatrists have secured a niche of their own. Yes, talking therapy is the best way to bid your anxiety goodbye. Once you locate your train of thoughts that lead up to the big bang in your brain, its easy to reset and rejuvenate! If you are phobic, your psychiatrist will advise you to stare your fears in the face. Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Systematic Desensitisation, Exposure Therapy and the latest kid in the block, Havening therapy are all available with your psychiatrist. So don’t wait, just call for help!