What to buy? Choosing among the latest juicers on the market

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Picking a reliable and affordable juicer has always been a matter of long and exhausting market research for practically every product’s owner. Today, when the amount of goods has turned innumerable finding a trustworthy brand becomes a truly hard task to fulfill. The number of manufacturers offering low-quality produce makes customers around the globe deeply concerned about ordering over the internet. Hectic times and intense competition force the known companies like ours to give hand to all the confused buyers and try making their search process easier. This being said, our experts provide the list of recommended goods for you to be able to pick the best juicer 2017 and enjoy the purchase.

Models that are worth your attention


    The fact this model belongs to twin-gear type of juicers gives it one significant advantage over the other types of machines – it saves the nutrients in their original state. This is achieved due to absence of a heat factor and augers low rotation speed. The device allows for cold storage of your juice for up to three days. With GSE-5000 by your side you can do nut butter, sorbets, squeeze greens and more.


    Prefer utmost control of the juice extraction process? Then this juice presser is just for you! The sturdy construction and the powder coated metallic parts leave the problem of oxidation far behind. The reason is quite simple: there’s no motor to produce heat and eliminate the nutrients. The maximum pressure of two tons allows you to extract every last drop out of your ingredients.


    Can’t live without a glass of orange juice in the morning? You’ll, surely, find this model of a juicer attractive. An unmatched taste of produce and a great control of the pulp make it one of the most demanded models on the current market. Get maximum out of this simplest in use kitchen device!

    How to decide which one to choose?

    Prior to making a choice one should clearly define why he/she needs this or that kind of a product in his/her household. If you fancy doing baby food or sorbets at home, then masticating double-auger juicer could be your true helper. Want to have some versatile, electricity independent device? Manually-driven hydraulic presser would probably come in handy. Enjoy citruses? Proctor Sillex 66331 would, no doubt, be a suitable option for you. So, focus on your purpose and choosing a thing would just turn ways easier.