Busting myths related to Anavar


In the process of obtaining an athletic body, one of the best steroids available in the market is Anavar. There is a pressing to need to address various concerns associated with this product and educate everyone with regard to the benefits of it. Even with a strict diet and exercise regimen, obtaining a sturdy outlook can be difficult. Thus to obtain the ideal well built physique that you have in mind, it is necessary to take the help of such useful drugs. It is an immensely popular steroid in the performance enhancing world by both men and women. One of the biggest reasons why Anavar is advocated to body builders is attributed to its ability in increasing muscle definition and losing weight without bringing about extensive side effects. Contrary to popular belief, Anavar does not cause water retention.

Anavar is typically considered to be a women’s steroid because of extensive use by female athletes and bodybuilders. This is because it has a unique property of not bulking up on intake and hence preferred by women. For the same reason, it is used by male performance athletes and fitness enthusiasts who do not prefer a bulked up physique. Cyclists, runners and soccer players are examples of sports persons who prefer Anavar as a potential steroid. In general men will experience fat loss around certain areas of the body. Increase in muscle mass is observed along with additional weight gain where muscle mass has been lost due to medical procedures or illness. Since it is not a very powerful drug, instant results will not appear. Improvements take as long as 12 weeks to be of noticeable difference. Even though small side effects have been reported, most of it is overhyped myths.

One such belief to be busted is that Anavar causes testosterone suppression. This is actually a side effect observed when you supplement with anabolic steroids and not attributed to Anavar. Another outright lie is regarding Anavar and water retention. The truth is Anavar does not cause water retention. Gynecomastia and water retention are both impossible with the Anavar steroid as it does not aromatize nor carry any estrogenic traits. Water retention if observed is actually due to another steroid that does aromatize or it could be caused by you overeating, especially if you are eating a lot of carbohydrates. If you fall prey to Gynecomastia, it will be due to another steroid you are possibly using.

 It is important to alleviate such concerns regarding Anavar before use. You can seek the help of a medical practitioner or dietician regarding your medical conditions and food habits, which could both have adverse effect if not accounted for. Due to its mild nature, the drug does not demand many strict cycles or dosage regimens to stay on. Medical doctors prescribe anywhere from 20mg to 80 mg per day to patients, depending on the muscle loss and how quickly they want to put the muscle back on. A very effective way to determine the dosage levels is by visiting bodybuilding and weight loss forums found online. Your doubts and queries can be answered by experts in such forums. This way, someone who is interested in taking the steroid can see which cycle might be best for them and which dosage amount can provide the desired benefits they are looking for.