A Beginner’s Guide to Preparing for a University Fair


Attending a university fair is one of the most beneficial networking opportunities available for college students. It is an event for you to meet representatives from various universities at one time, ask questions about the institutions and gain answers to all the questions regarding university admissions, course content and careers. Of course, the ideal responses require strong preparation for the fair. This article will provide information on how to effectively prepare for a university fair.

• Research the Study Options Available

It is highly recommended that you spend time conducting research regarding study options before attending any university fair event. By conducting research you will be able to benefit from specialist knowledge of the representatives and advisers on the day instead of merely gaining basic information of the institution. Attending a fair is a time to learn all you can about the university beyond what is available online and this needs research time.

• Prepare Questions Beforehand

As part of the research, it is recommended that you list certain questions or concerns you would like to discuss with lecturers or advisers. The questions or issues may be specific or general, such as university admissions or application deadlines with tuition fees. However, they should be highlighted for conversations with university representatives. It is advised that you aim for approximately five key points focusing on the aspects most significant to your educational future.

• Review the Event Schedule Beforehand

A few days before the university fair, it is advised that you review the final schedule for the event and mark down the times of any presentations or discussions you are interested in attending. This will help you identify which representatives you are most intrigued by and note the schedule so that you do not miss any important times.

• Learn About the Floor Plan When You Arrive

It is highly recommended that you become orientated with the area upon arrival. It is typical to receive a floor plan indicating the layout of the university and learn where the different schools can be found. Use this plan to your advantage and find the school you are most interested in at the beginning of the day so you do not waste time.

• Maintain an Open Mind

While it is beneficial to arrive prepared with a clear idea of where to go and who to speak to, it is recommended that you maintain an open mind for new possibilities. You may find an ideal course exists in the form of a previously unconsidered alternative. Remember, a plethora of universities attend university fairs. Therefore, you should be keen to speak with the different representatives from different areas as they may have something to offer you.

• Speak to Other Candidates

The primary reason for attending a university fair event is the opportunity to meet university admission representatives face-to-face. It is, however, advised that you speak with other university candidates if you have the chance as they will be strong sources of information or inspiration. Listen to the questions they are asking and be prepared to share information with prospective students from across the country.

• Keep an Eye on the Time

While attending a university fair can be a great deal of fun, it is easy to lose track of the time and become caught up in a single conversation. When this happens, it is possible to miss out on various opportunities. To avoid losing opportunities, it is recommended that you set an alarm on your watch or mobile phone warning you when the event is reaching its end. This will ensure you have collected all the information you need from the representatives you are interested in speaking with.

• Consider Taking a Guest Along

Prospective students are always encouraged to have a guest tag along. This can be beneficial as your companion can help remind you of the questions you want to ask, keep you focused on the primary objectives and assist with sorting through the plethora of information at the end of the event.

• Be Prepared to Sell Yourself

It is important to note that university representatives at these events are on the lookout for top candidates. Therefore, it is necessary to promote your skills as much as possible. It is also essential that your appearance is professional, your demeanour is professional and you make a good first impression.

Final Words on the Matter

Of course, the university fair does not end when the event ends because there is the task of sorting through the vast amount of information collected. It is necessary to sort through the information in order to make a final decision on which university would be best for your needs.

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