Back Office Jobs vs. Front Office jobs: Which Is the Better Choice?


The back office of a company is the backbone of the company, which ensures that the company’s operations are running smooth. It comprises of the support personnel and the administration team that take care of the operations and do not normally face the customers or the clients. This team generally takes care of the clearances, settlements, attendance and record maintenance, accounting and IT maintenance services. There are a lot of openings for back office jobs in our country.

If you are one of those people who are hardworking, talented and possess the zeal to work, but shy away from meeting new people or is not very good in communication, then back office jobs is the area you should explore. These jobs have evolved over time and have expanded in terms of work and technology. Technical roles have emerged beyond IT support. Though the back office team does not generate direct revenues for the company, they provide the much needed support and assistance without which businesses will come to a halt.

Front office jobs, on the other hand, comprise of teams, which interact directly with the customers and clients. In short, they are the face of the company. They interact with the customers and ensure the business keeps flowing in. This team is directly responsible for generating revenues for the company. It is very important for this team to have strong communication skills and be presentable to the clients. If you think you have the skills to handle the customers and bring in business, you should definitely prefer front office jobs.

Another crucial factor, which you should consider before deciding between front office and back office jobs, is the salary. Salary definitely varies between these categories with the front office team earning more than the back office team. Also the front office team generally grabs a larger portion of the bonuses when compared to the back office team. So, if you are one of those interested in perks and making big bucks, then front office job is what you should be looking at. On the other hand, back office jobs are more relaxed and fulfilling for some. Having said that, it is very important for these teams to communicate and support each other for successful and smooth operations.

Whether you choose the front office jobs or the back office ones depends on your career aspirations and your takeaway from the job. While both are equally important for the successful operations of a company, on an individual front, it is very important for oneself to understand and analyse the career aspirations and the salary component before making a decision.