Annie VS Winnie, is there any difference at all?


In the world of physical fitness, probably one of the hardest things to do even for seasoned athletes and bodybuilders is losing weight. Cutting cycles are usually harder and require more energy as the routines are far more intense compared to a bulking cycle, especially when there are time constraints. These athletes and bodybuilders tend to tirelessly work with so much intensity all the while starving them just to cut weight, and it leaves them weaker than when they started, quite counterintuitive actually.

It is for these reasons that some of these athletes and bodybuilders often turn to the aid of anabolic steroids to get the desired results that they want. Yes, anabolic steroids aren’t only for bulking up and gaining muscle mass, there are also anabolic steroids that are effective for weight loss. There are actually two anabolic steroids that stand out from the bunch, these are Anavar and Winstrol, respectively. Of course there are some that prefer one over the other but the debate is still ongoing. Whichever of the two you might prefer, it is also important to know the best cycle for men for each steroid. Who knows, you might change your preference after. Before changing preferences though, it is ideal to get to know both Anavar and Winstrol a bit more.

Mirror images

There’s a big debate in the fitness community as to which is more effective, Anavar or Winstrol. On paper, both of these anabolic steroids are quite similar in a lot of ways. For instance, both are mild anabolic steroids and can be used by both men and women easily. Also, both anabolic steroids do not really offer a lot of gains which make them relatively insignificant when used for bulking phases.

 They are also quite effective when used during cutting cycles. The results one might get from using either Anavar or Winstrol cannot be really differentiated when taken only at face value since the effects they give to the users are relatively very similar. What might probably differ is how these two anabolic steroids are incorporated into a cycle, as that might just be the determining factor to end the debate.

Cycles, the tie breakers

Determining the most effective cycle to use when utilizing anabolic steroids such as Anavar or Winstrol for cutting is probably the only thing that can separate the differences between the results of both anabolic steroids. Well, of course if taken in that concept, it would mean that there isn’t quite any difference between both anabolic steroids. There are, actually. The deciding factor will be determined if both these steroids are used in two similar cycles but of course, there’s also the human factor which actually makes the test quite difficult to determine.

Cycles are there to help figure out where the anabolic steroids belong in the phase, as well as determine the dosage that works best. Of course, if you are just beginning, then it’s probably in your best interest to start with the lowest recommended dosage for either Anavar or Winstrol. Whichever of the two may be more effective, at least you know that Anavar and Winstrol offer very similar results as well as both these anabolic steroids can be used by women and technically safer compared to other, more potent steroids in the market.