Anadrol Steroid Has Long Life and Helps to Boost Red Blood Count


Looking at before and after photos of users can give you an idea of what Anadrol can do. Anadrol is a potent anabolic cycle preferred in bodybuilding segment. The scientific name of Anadrol is Oxymetholone. It is a synthetic form that is derived from DHT.

In the past, Anadrol was medically prescribed to patients suffering from low RBC count. Low level of red blood count causes issues in repairing tears and injuries. Boost in RBC count level helps to address this issue.


How Anadrol helps body builders?

Bodybuilders aim to obtain strength and size. Increase in RBC count delivers lots of oxygen to torn muscles after immense workout and thus speeds repair and boosts the size. This is reason why users using Anadrol look great in before and after photographs.

Anadrol stays for long inside the body. A 50 mg pill lasts for 8 hours and thus blood flow get dramatic boost, during this time. Using Anadrol causes increase in metabolic rate, which is good, but water retention is bad.

Therefore, majority of fitness cycles using Anadrol are planned for 12 weeks in which Anadrol is consumed orally for 6 weeks. In the next 6 weeks users allow the body to relax and shed water weight to attain a more defined physique.

Anadrol for rapid results

Users claim to gain 30 pounds, but only lean mass muscle in the first month consuming 50 mg Anadrol supplement daily. It is only available in pill form, but to see good results stack it with injectable testosterone booster.

Best time for taking Anadrol is in the morning with breakfast. Its 8 hour life gives sufficient time to work at the gym. Taking Anadrol before training sessions is recommended because it gets some time to start circulating in the body. Consuming in the evening is a bad idea because it can possibly cause insomnia.

Length of Anadrol cycle

For beginners, it is necessary to know the length of Anadrol cycle. If you are new then start slowly with 25 mg per day with cut off, after 6 or 8 week cycle. Discontinue the usage after six weeks because the body’s tolerance level has been attained and prolonged exposure can root medical issues. Kick in time is short and results are visible in the first week, itself.

Anadrol is toxic. Prolonged use or over dosage can cause hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, or liver cancer. Minor health issues like acne, stomach pain, sex issues, and change in appearance can develop.