Amalgamation of HGH and Testosterone Does Wonder to your physique


HGH, a peptide hormone plays the vital role in stimulating growth and development of the human body. Testosterone is the prime male sex hormone acting as an anabolic steroid. Both of these hormones is used frequently in combination by physique-yearning bodybuilders and athletes craving to not only hasten muscle mass expansions but also increased strength, vigor, resilience, and performance. Testosterone is often used to decline body fat while human growth hormone is utilized to heal injured or impaired tissues. They do not disturb the varied functions of the muscles.

Hormone Replacement therapy

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is a type of hormone therapy in which the patient, in the passage of medical cure, obtains hormones, either to replenish the hormonal deficiency in our body or to substitute other hormones. If a person is suffering from damage to the pituitary gland, he is suggested for Growth hormone replacement therapy. Testosterone therapy is acclaimed for those with infertility issues or lack of testosterone secretion, which may lead to declined libido, enhanced body fat, diminished bone density and muscle strength, also lack energy. This therapy is exorbitant and not all can become a good candidate (considering other bodily functions), people turn to HGH and Testosterone boosting supplements, as an easy way out! However, taking them together is a strict no for non-medical purposes. Both drugs can only be purchased with the help of a proper prescription from any medical practitioner.

Is this stack safe?

It is important to understand that these hormones are extremely powerful. The side-effects always depend upon the dosage, frequency of intake, age, BMI and other physical conditions of the human body. Individually or together, these hormones can have distressing effects on your body if taken in high doses. Damage can be irrevocable occasionally when taken together.

Excessive growth hormone can lead to the disproportionate growth of your body parts. There is distention of small intestines, giving an appearance of bulging stomach. There are many cases of Acromegaly in several bodybuilders. Other side effects are edema (accumulation of fluids in tissues), joint pain or arthritis, tingling sensation in the body, hypercholesterolemia, and increased nerve ache. Testosterone side effects include nausea, regurgitation, headache, increased possibility of formation of blood clot, excruciating urination. There is reduced semen production and a decrease in the size of testicles.

One should remember that these are ‘natural’ hormones, produced by our body in normal conditions. If one injects them artificially, the body senses the increased level and stop producing its own counterpart. This can hold risk if a person stops taking the drug from outside, because our body might stop manufacturing the hormone completely, leading to atrophy of the cells. Everybody reacts differently any given drug, so it is highly advised to read all the reviews carefully before initiating its use. Use the HGH and Testosterone boosting supplements, only when you are completely sure. Remember that the only way to sustain a fit life is through keeping a balance between your heart, mind, and soul!