4 Restaurants in Bandung with Unbelievably Breathtaking Views


A visit to Bandung wouldn’t be complete without going on a culinary tour all around the city, and what can be better than dining at a fantastic restaurant with stunning views?

You’ve seen how magnificent the views are from Bali’s restaurants, and Bandung is less than second best — with rolling mountains, town lighting, lakes and paddy areas.

So here are 4 top restaurants with the best views in and around Bandung (and Lembang) for all you foodie-lovers out there.

  1. Bask in the City’s Bright Lights in The Valley Cafe

The Valley Cafe is among the most famous festivals in Bandung by tourists. The restaurant itself is part of a hotel. Based in the upper mountains of Dago, you’ll be able to enjoy the peaceful and beautiful town of Bandung, irrespective of the time of the day (or night). Do try its steaks, which costs around 46.75 USD (64.59 SGD).

  1. Dine aboard a pirate ship — Pinisi Resto

Ever heard about Legok Kondang’s Pinisi Resto?  The Pinisi Resto is a restaurant on a ship docked beside the lake and surrounded with gorgeous mountain views. The kids will be delighted to climb aboard the ship and also have probably the most unforgettable dining experiences. Serving up a Barbecue feast, Pinisi Resto is a superb place to bond with the household while feasting and play-acting as pirates!

  1. Enjoy a fun and cozy beanbag household lunch to incredible viewpoints — Lereng Anteng

For parents searching for a place to dine at with spectacular panoramic views of Bandung, refreshing mountain air, and great Java — head to Lereng Anteng. Get seated in vibrant beanbag chairs, and enjoy the refreshingly cold weather and mountain views. From the menu, you can choose from local favorites which vary from Indonesian to Sundanese fare. As for Java, you may be delighted to hear that Vietnamese java coffee is available here too!

Aside from the views, the fun and cozy beanbags and the food, remember to bring along a board game or two!

  1. Dine in a birdcage, from the lake or with a mountain view at Dusun Bambu

Dusun Bambu Family Leisure Park is the ideal place to spend the weekend with your family or friends. In there, you will find everything (literally), from villa accommodations to camps to activities like biking or adventure games for kids.

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