4 Reasons To Use Professional Legal Recruiters


Professional legal recruiters are an indispensable resource for new law graduates looking to maximize employment opportunities; they’re also an invaluable asset to law firms looking to hire more promising candidates. If you’ve never employed a legal recruiter, it can be difficult to understand how they help you, so here’s a review of four specific benefits that explain how professional legal recruiters provide such positive results to employers and applicants alike.

Knowledge of the Job Market

The legal job market can change quickly and dramatically due to influences from the economy, the demand for legal services, competition from software and online services, as well as changing public policies. Luckily, professional legal recruiters exist specifically to cope with such challenges. Recruiters maintain constant vigilance over the job market and are aware of its trends and movements. Whether you’re keeping track of new legal job openings or looking to hire someone who is doing just that, expert knowledge of the job market will keep you privy to every available prospect.

Benefits of an Extensive Search

Professional legal recruiters bring a depth of knowledge, experience and expertise to the table. Young lawyers often begin at an articling firm and face the results of a hire back decision. This decision may determine whether a new graduate stays focused on a preferred type of practice or whether they consider alternatives. As the legal market changes, and as new types of economic activity create new opportunities, these plans can take yet another direction later in one’s career.

Employers and applicants both stand to benefit greatly from an extensive job search provided by an expert legal recruiter, which includes traditional, trending and emerging types of legal employment. You can visit The Heller Group blog for more discussion of career changes in response to the changing job market.

Resume Help, Presentation and Advocacy

Recruiters understand the vital importance of presentation. They can spot weaknesses in a resume or in a client’s interview preparation – and they’ll often recommend effective remedies or improvements.

Changes in technology yield changes in the ways interviews are conducted. A legal recruiter will provide advice on the latest technological trends and the best ways to employ new technology. For example, video interviews can offer the convenience of a telephone meeting, along with the benefit of a visual introduction, while eliminating travel costs for preliminary discussions.

Long-term Career Goals

Professional recruiters are able to provide personalized advice designed to fit the specific requirements of a client, which can be beneficial in terms of long-term legal career goals. The depth of knowledge that recruiters bring to the job search can help guide choices that build a career.

The success of a law firm depends largely on its ability to build a dependable legal team. You can’t afford to gamble with a reputation you’ve worked hard to secure. Recruiter knowledge, extensive job searches and advocacy, and long-term career planning are only a few of the benefits provided by professional legal recruiters. Outsourcing human resource management tasks to a professional provides employers with the security of a dependable hiring process, while allowing them more time to focus on current legal client work.