10 things you do every day that makes your age faster


Do you look more aged than you actually are? Well, Genetics is not the only reason behind this. There are a lot more factors that contribute to yours. Many people do cosmetic surgeries to look younger. However, not all people can afford cosmetic surgeries. We want to present you 10 things that you do every day which makes your aging faster.

What causes skin aging?

So, before we start what causes ageing? Let’s see the causes of skin ageing. It takes place due to the loss of elastin, the elastic tissue of the skin. Besides, it is caused because of thinning of the surface layer of the skin called epidermis. Hence, skin becomes more fragile and looser.

 Now, as we know what causes skin aging, what are those 10 things that make you age faster.

  1. Low-fat diets: – high-fat diet will gain you excessive weight whereas low-fat diet will make you age faster. It’s tricky right? Well, Omega 3 fatty acids are essential to keep your skin smooth. Omega 3 fatty acids prevent wrinkles too. In low-fat diets, we don’t consume enough of this component, and as a result, it causes our premature ageing.
  2. Sipping through a straw: – while sipping through a straw, you have to pursue your lips in such a manner that can cause wrinkles around your mouth. Same goes with smoking too. So, when you are having a drink, try to drink it directly from the bottle or the glass. And if you are a smoker then decide to quit. Quitting smoking could be a long and hard process, but its benefits are enormous.
  3. Sleeping on your side: – well you made me have heard it before. Sleeping on your sides can cause wrinkles in your face. Doctors say that sleeping flat on your back is the best sleeping position if you want to stay rested and young.
  4. Bad posture: – poor postures can deflect the alignment of your backbone. Muscles and bones being abnormally tensed, bad postures result in pain and or worse i.e. Permanent deformity.
  5. Using sun protection only on vacation: – overexposure to UV rays can make you age faster. Wear your sunscreen even when it’s cloudy because clouds block as much as 20% of UV rays only. So, if you want to save yourself from the harmful UV rays of the sun, wear sunscreen even when it’s cloudy too. You can get more savings using Hot Oz Coupons if you buy sunscreen from hotozcoupons.com.au.
  6. Overusing your heating system: – the artificial heating system you have installed in your home can make you age faster too. The artificial heating system makes the environment inside your house very dry. Your skin and hair, as a result, get dry also. It causes wrinkles in your skin and make you age faster. Thus, tried to use your heating system as less as possible.
  7. Saying no to sugar: – yes, we know sugar is harmful to us. But you know what? Stress is even worse. Sometimes if you are in stress and sugar is your stress buster, you have to give yourself a treat and surrender to your sweet tooth.
  8. Watching too much TV: – a study revealed, “for every hour you spend watching TV your life expectancy decreases by 22 minutes.” Experts say, no matter whether you are on your couch or desk, you should get up in every half an hour.
  9. Lack of sleep: – adults need 7 hours of sleep a night. Not getting enough sleep not only we make you seem tired but also shortens your lifespan. Experts advise going early to bed if you perceive a lack of energy or mental slowness.
  10. Stress due to lack of organisation: – studies have shown that chronic stress can cause severe damages to your cells. It can speed up the aging process. So, try not to get bogged down. Try to do things on time to avoid chronic stress.

So, these some of those things you do everyday day unknowingly that makes your aging faster. Try avoiding these things from the next time. Try to drink more water, get enough sleep. Give some rest to your body. We don’t give it enough rest it deserves, and then keep complaining about it. Provide your body with the rest it deserves, makes your aging slower. Because with these tips you can enjoy a long and healthy life now.